Welcome to my website about Iceland!

“Utulę Thule” means literally “I’m going to hug Thule” (or: comfort, lull to sleep), which corresponds to the myth that Iceland was Ultima Thule, the furthest North land which was known in the ancient times.

My name is Emiliana and I am probably the biggest Iceland fan in the world. Before I finally managed to travel there, I had been dwelving into its culture and art for 10 years. I wrote several articles about Iceland and keep this tradition ever since my first visit to that island. I am mostly interested in art, and as an art historian I publish texts about Nordic art.

Since November 2022 I work in the Embassy of Iceland in Poland as Culture, Science and Social Media Specialist.

I write almost exclusively in Polish. However, I publish some of my essays that I wrote for my studies or as conference papers. Enjoy!

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